Our Company

We are Nigeria’s leading diversified Agro allied company, we distinguish ourselves by bringing our award winning huge expertise and experience to online, its equally our pride of being the most reliable Agro allied Company in the country. Leveraging on our huge network of stores and stock, you can be assured that anything you purchase is in stock and will be delivered immediately.

We Work Hard To Provide You The Best Quality Agro Allied Products in Nigeria!

Our products cover; Fertilizers, Animal feeds, Seeds, Agro Chemicals, Cooking Oil, CornFlakes, Farm Products i.e Maize, etc. you get the best value for the above products from us. We are the game changers. We offer a variety of products that include the following.
  • Pesticide (DD force, Laraforce, Atrazine, 2,4D)
  • Herbicide (Paraeforce, Weedoff, Slasher)
  • Cypermetrine (Best)
  • Urea (Indorama)
  • NPK (Golden20:10:5, 20:10:10, 15:15:15)
  • Vital poultry feeds
  • Vital fish feed
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